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Black Hills Energy Project Presented Commercial Glass Challenges for Hagen Glass

December 6, 2016

Black Hills Energy the parent company of Black Hills Power, has taken on a major corporate headquarters expansion project in Rapid City. If you haven’t seen the project, it’s in full swing on the corner of Catron Boulevard and Highway 16. It’s a big project – estimated at $70 million on 31 acres - that will result in new jobs in the community and an expanded customer base for BH Power.

Hagen Glass Windows & Siding Inc. is proud to be part of the project and has embraced the unique challenges brought about the commercial glass design elements at the new headquarters’ building.
One of the first challenges, of course, was meeting the scheduled project deadlines with our workforce without sacrificing services to our valued customers in the region. Being a family-owned business since 1994, customer service has always been a priority at Hagen Glass. We’re happy to say we didn’t sacrifice customer service in Rapid City or the Black Hills area to take part in the Black Hills Energy project.
So, what exactly was the Black Hills Energy project and challenges?
The building design itself will be aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the surrounding area and especially with the Black Hills in the background. What has been designed is a high performance thermally constructed aluminum storefront. The curtain wall, entry door systems, and glazing are scheduled to be completed mid-January.
Take notice if you happen to drive by the project as the exterior shell nears completion and then think of the details that have gone into the construction. For instance, Hagen Glass coordinated with several suppliers to make sure the project materials exceeded requirements for thermal performance and LEED points. There has also been extensive water spray testing to ensure the facility won’t have any water leakage. That testing is time consuming but crucial and, while the windows tested fine, there will some issues with the flashings at different spots Hagen assisted in solving.
The interior of the project had challenges of its own. The interior phase used aluminum storefront with varying thicknesses of glass from ¼ inch to ½ inch. The project design does not include vertical mullions so a silicone glaze will be used and offer an unobstructed view through the facility. The challenge created by deflection issues between floors was met with head receptors at various locations allowing vertical movement of the floor locations.
Some of the other interesting facts about Hagen’s role in the Black Hills Energy project are:
  • Ballistic level 5 framing and glazing products were used in the facility to manage the segmented framing of the radius area;
  • Electrified hardware at many of the openings and thickness of the doors provided unique challenges;
  • Heavier gauge z-girts (than submittal phase) were necessary, and at lesser spacing, to meet required torsion requirements;
  • Between each z-girt is a 3-inch rigid insulation system; and,
  • Hagen Glass coordinated with dozens of suppliers, Scull Construction, and ARC International on the project.
Hagen Glass is proud to be part of this project and embraced the unique challenges it presented. Professionalism, attention to detail and quality workmanship will ensure the new Black Hills Energy building have a place on the skyline for years to come.


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