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Hagen Glass completes another award-winning project

February 20, 2018

The employees at Hagen Glass have gone above and beyond expectations once again.

The work completed at the new Black Hills Corporation facility, located just outside of Rapid City, SD, on the corner of Hwy 16 and Catron Blvd., is being recognized for the professional installation work that was done on the building. Each year, the Construction Industry Center recognizes outstanding workmanship for local projects completed throughout the year. The judges have selected Hagen Glass to receive this award, which will be presented at a banquet held in February 2018.

The project, which incorporates an exterior shell package that utilized high-performance, thermally constructed aluminum storefront, curtain wall, entry door systems, and glazing, was completed at the end of 2017. Aluminum faced composite panel systems also encase the exterior shell of the building, providing further architectural aesthetics that blend the facility in beautifully with the backdrop of the Black Hills.

The complexity of the exterior shell began with very short time constraints; Hagen Glass had to entirely enclose the facility so that it was weather-tight in the allotted time frame. Efficient man power management was crucial in ensuring that we would be able to perform the task in time with the appropriate number of installers, as well as continue to man other Hagen Glass projects that were in construction around Rapid City and surrounding areas.

Compliance with specifications is always critical; this project was no exception, as it also was initially required to meet LEED Gold recycling requirements. Hagen Glass coordinated with various specified suppliers to guarantee that the materials utilized for the project not only met but also exceeded the required specifications, both in thermal performance as well as providing additional LEED points above the requirements.

For the aluminum storefront, curtain wall, and entrances, Hagen chose to use YKK AP for their products. YKK AP not only came through with products that met the specifications, but also provided Hagen and Black Hills Corporation products that exceeded those specifications. In lieu of utilizing the specified single thermally improved framing systems and non-thermal entrances, Hagen and YKK AP proposed that double thermally enhanced framing systems and doors be provided, which produce greater thermal coefficients within the facility, as well as increase the LEED points for the owner.

Deflection issues arose in the curtain wall areas, requiring further engineering to allow for movement. Additional framing members were required and were stacked side-by-side, allowing the sections to move independently of one another, while still being attached using wind load and dead load clamps for secure attachment to the building. 

Throughout the process of installation on the project, testing that complied with AAMA 501.2 water spray testing was required to be conducted at several locations on the storefront and curtain wall systems. This testing is a very slow, time consuming process; however, it is very critical to ensure that the systems do not allow water penetration into the facility. Although the tested window systems passed, flashings above various openings provided a challenge that Hagen was able to successfully resolve.

Aluminum composite panels that skirt the façade of the entire facility closed up the construction of the building facade. This product faced many challenges in the design and submittal phase, in that heavier gauged z-girts were necessary, at a lesser spacing, in order to obtain the required torsion requirements for compliance. Incorporated between each z-girt is a 3” rigid insulation system. These panels were required to be field measured at every location to ensure precise dimensions were obtained and to match all horizontal and vertical joints within the building, as well as at all window locations.

The interior phase of the facility utilizes aluminum storefront and various thicknesses of glass, from ¼” up to ½”, depending on requirements and sizes of the openings. Vertical mullions are absent at all of the openings, and instead the glass is silicone glazed, providing a clean, unobscured look throughout the facility. Deflection issues at the interior between each floor level added to the complexity, since head receptors would be required at various locations to allow for the vertical movement of the floor levels without causing stress on the aluminum and glazed openings.

Ballistics level 5 framing and glazing products are also used within the facility. Without clarification of manufactures in the bidding process of the facility, Hagen presented the architect with options and levels of ballistic requirements that might be acceptable. This system required segmented framing for the radius area to be installed in, as well as over, 1-1/4” thick polycarbonate ballistics level glazing. Deflection issues with the floor system produced additional engineering to meet those requirements.

In both phases, the coordination of electrified hardware at many of the openings also presented challenges, with the hardware being provided by others. The thicknesses of the doors, as well as determining the locations for all of the electrical components, always creates issues that must be resolved prior to the fabrication of the openings.

As we progressed through the construction of the building, Hagen Glass continued coordination with Scull Construction, ARC International, Rangel Construction, and our many suppliers to ensure that we provided the Corporation with the facility they intended upon having.

Hagen is thrilled to be a part of the successful construction of the Black Hills Corporation project.

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