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Home winterization tips to keep cold air out and warm air in

September 25, 2015

Winter is quickly approaching and winters in South Dakota can be exceptionally harsh. If your home is not properly winterized, you could be wasting anywhere from 5 to 30% of energy just by letting cold air in and warm air out. Here are a few tips to help keep your home sealed off this year from the harsh winter temperatures and keeping the warm air in.

Bubble Wrap Old windows are notorious for letting cold air in. Use bubble wrap to cover your windows and help keep cold air out that may be leaking in. The bubble wrap will keep sunlight coming in, which will help warm up a room, but it will help insulate your windows so any air coming in through cracks won’t get in.

Draft Snake Air can easily pass through the cracks at the bottom of doors. Keeping the cold air out can be as easy as using a rolled up towel and placing it at the bottom of the door to trap the warm air in. Draft snakes can also be made by filling a pouch of fabric with kitty litter or sand to make it heavier.

Storm Doors Installing storm doors in your home is a great way of keeping the drafts at a minimum and keeping warm air in and cold air out. Storm doors can increase energy efficiency by as much as 45%.

Lower your Thermostat It’s hot out, so naturally the thermostat is going to be set higher. But why keep it set at 70 or 75 degrees when nobody is home and spend the money heating an empty house? Set your thermostat to 50 or 55 degrees during the day while everyone is at work. Open the blinds to let the sunlight in and warm the place naturally, and when you get home, turn the thermostat up to warm up the house at night. You can also turn the thermostat down at night when you are sleeping. Don’t forget to turn the thermostat down when you leave for holiday vacation as well. This will help cut your energy bill by 10% a year.

Add more insulation Warm air rises, and unless your house is properly insulated, that warm air is going to keep rising right out through your roof, leaving your house cold. Before winter hits, bulk up the insulation in your house by adding more in the attic floors, walls, and basement ceiling to keep the place warm.

Remove the window A/C unit The window A/C unit was very helpful in the summer, but now that it’s cold outside, chances are you don’t need it anymore and it could be leaking air into your house. Either remove the unit and put it away until next summer, or get a heavy duty tarp to put over it and seal the cracks that are around it. This will prevent cold air from sneaking in your house.

Don’t go through this winter letting cold air into your home when you could properly insulate and winterize it. Hagen Glass offers many different options in windows and siding that could help with your winter needs. Just ask any of our specialists for tips on how they can help you winterize your home this year. Enter to win our $10,000 home makeover giveaway and you could get the chance to redo your home to fit all of your needs, for every season.

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